Saxon paid taxes then says homeowner is behind

TE said: “I had no problems with Saxon until June 2008 when the nightmare started. I asked Saxon to help with back taxes when my escrow didn’t cover the taxes. They paid the taxes for me and my payment went over double so I asked them to spread them out over three years. They did that in October after I paid aug sept oct payments.

The new payment was $1543.06 and I would have been happy but one thing stopped that. They said i was $6000 behind on payments but they would not explain. Saxon needed to investigate.

In December I was told that I was $22,000 behind. Saxon went back to feb 08 and added $1254 a month and made my payments unapplied.

By January 2009 i told them i wasnt paying till someone told me how i can make payments and still be behind. Well, to make a long story short, i cant refinance because they turned me in to the credit bureaus as being 120 days plus. Friday they told me they started foreclosure so i can’t do a repay program or anything else.

Does anyone know of a class action lawsuit i can join?”

One thought on “Saxon paid taxes then says homeowner is behind

  1. Saxon Mortgage Servicing is doing me the same way, some how they have added $561 a month onto my house note. i called the customer service department and they said that i am paying $3600.00 a year in property taxes. Well! I went to the city of Flint and my property tax is only $1220.16. I need a class action suit to against Saxon Mortgage.

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