When Saxon Mortgage puts you on hold they hear everything you say

HK in Nevada said: “I was able to negotiate a loan modification with Saxon, only after HIRING a 3rd party to negotiate with them, since they ignored my request for 3 months, and claimed they lost or never received my paperwork, which I repeatedly submitted to them. The modification paperwork was submitted, and we began paying the new amount. (Which is only for 5 years, then after, the interest rate goes up to the original amount.)

Our second month of paying the negotiated amount, a “fee” of $193.00 appeared on our statement. I called customer service and inquired about the fee. I was told by a CSR that this fee was part of the fee for the loan modification. I explained that the contract I signed did not state anything about any fees and that all of our fees were paid up front by cashier’s check when the loan modification was finalized two months ago.

CSR again stated that there were always “extra fees” associated with loan modification and that I would have to pay a fee. (This was after being put on hold for several times during the conversation for a collective of more than 30 minutes while the CSR consulted her “supervisor”.)

Also interesting…while on hold, my young son started crying. The CSR came back on the line and asked if everything was OK because she heard a child crying…she was listening, even though she had me on hold. You can’t hear them, but they can hear you, so be careful when you are on hold with them, because they are listening to everything you say.

Finally, I asked to speak to the supervisor. I was told he was on another call. I stated I would hold. After another 5 minutes or so, I was transferred. I again explained the mysterious “fee” that had appeared on my bill and told him that I never signed anything agreeing to any fees for the loan modification and that if they wanted me to pay it, they would have to produce documentation that I owed this money. (The CSR had stated she could not produce this proof because she did not have a printer. Really.)

After another few minutes on hold, the supervisor came back and stated that there was a mistake, that I did not owe any fees, that the loan modification department had not credited the money I paid for the fees to my account yet and that’s why the fee had appeared there. I find this very interesting since the entire conversation up until that point had been that I owed this extra money and had to pay it.

If I had not persisted with my complaint and waited on hold numerous times asking numerous questions and demanding proof of these fees, I would have ended up paying this extra fee and I can guarantee I would not have received any of that money back.

Saxon lies, they exploit their customers, they use manipulative practices to try and make you pay money you don’t even owe! I am sending out numerous complaint letters to everyone I can think of about this experience because I feel that if I had not been smart enough about their games and lies and had not persisted in getting answers I would have ended up paying this “fee”.

Someone who maybe does not speak English well or is not as aggressive and persistent as I was or who is terrified of losing their home would maybe not have gotten confirmation that this fee was bogus. This is utter discrimination!”