Kick third-party agents out of foreclosure rescue, mortgage modification business

There is no doubt that the Spin Doctors have been successful. They spun the economy into a frenzy that could not be sustained. Others put the spin on the stock market, while speculators put a spin on everyone with high gas and oil prices. Fair and balanced news is so far from the truth it not even funny.

Third-party help with foreclosures and mortgage modifications is now being ‘accomplished’ by former mortgage brokers and collections agents. The Spin Doctors tell us how well everything is going, while the government has big plans for Obama. Obama himself has big plans for all of us.

When the Dow opens each morning Spin Doctors tell us what to expect. Just this morning I was told the Dow would continue huge gains from yesterday. It was not true, but every American is hoping it would be. If confidence is restored, lenders might start lending, and the economy might get better.

The main problem seems to be too much spin and too little trust and confidence. Garbage in and garbage out, so to speak. Home owners get frustrated after being rejected for mortgage modifications. After all, is the neighbor getting help? The answer is, “No.” They are lying to us, and calling it “putting a positive spin on things.” I dislike using the word “thing” or “things” and I dislike hearing conversations at the coffee shop, such as “It’s just a thing – it will get better.”

The situation will not get better until the proverbial “They” quit lying to us. It was bad when we couldn’t trust banks and mortgage brokers. It is even worse when we realize we can’t trust the news, financial experts, regulators, spin doctors, and our neighbor.

Kick these third-party bastards out of the “mortgage modification” business and let banks explain “things” to investors. My insurance company just asked me for more money – a rate increase – but I’m paying four times over for AIG. I’m paying in taxes, bailouts, my home’s value went down, and my business has slowed. Now my car insurance went up too.

It is hard to put a positive spin on losses by insurers. I admit it might be hard to predict a hurricane, but it is not hard to predict carelessness and recklessness. Let’s kick these losers out too. A lack of confidence results when losers do crazy things. I don’t care how they try to spin it.