Saxon says anything, poor customer service, no email replies

Donna in Florida said: “We started having problems last march 2008 and were told the same thing as everyone else, Saxon Mortgage wouldn’t look at a loan modification unless we stopped making payments. We submitted our hardship letter and waited. Sometime in july we were told we still didn’t make enough money for a modification. Then in September someone called and said they had our file and if we could just follow this repayment plan and make 4 payments they would rewrite our loan in December 2008.

Our 1st payment was $5200.00 and then oct and nov were $2633.

Of course we tried to contact the person who had our file in December and they never called back. i started sending emails with read receipts. they would send the read receipt back but not answer me. so i emailed the vice president who was on the repayment plan paperwork. she never acknowleged my email but two days later on jan 29, 2009 someone called from the loan mod depart and left a message on our home answering machine and said she had our file and to call her back.

Of course today is march 9, 2009 and still no contact from her. i called customer service and they said they would put in a request to a supervisor and to wait 72 bus hours. well today is 72 hrs and no call. I’ve been able to get into the loan modifiers voice mail but still no call.

Now cust service tells me my house is in forclosure and wants to know the reason for deliquency. this is a joke. i don’t know how they get away with this. we are paying flood insurance and homeowners insurance and our property taxes are due. this is a nightmare.”