Saxon Mortgage responds poorly to homeowners

KM in California said: “I started a Loan Modification effort in September 2008. Saxon told me they will not look at the request unless I was behind on payments and not to send payments. After frustration with the inability to get Saxon to respond after I stopped paying.

I hired a third party to handle the time consuming process. They submited the required package on 10/15/08. Saxon kept playing dumb about recieving the documents claiming fax problems and just flat out that they didn’t get it. It took my company over two months just to get Saxon to acknoledge that they had the requested documents in their hand.

At that point they denied the mod due to out dated information. We updated the financials. Saxon told us they needed 3 weeks to process paperwork and be ready to deal. 3 weeks later they deny the mod due to outdated information because it was 3 weeks old. This goes on and on.

Every 3 weeks they stall, request finacials and say 3 more weeks. So to date I am 6 months into this and still no Loan Modification. All the while this is going on, Saxon has sent all kinds of crazy letters. They actually sent me a letter with sympathy about my behind payments, saying that they have these great programs to help homeowners in need.

They go in detail to explain the Loan Modification process and how they are willing to make a deal with even a little cute handout. But it’s all a smoke screen to cover their butts because of how badly they are responding to those homeowners in need. I am so upset at his point I could scream! Tired of Saxon playing god in my life! HELP!”