Saxon Mortgage, Fannie, Freddie – who holds the mortgage?

SR in Illinois said: “We called Saxon last Monday to verify who backed our loan. We were verbally told it was “Freddie Mac.” My wife asked that they fax us over the doc’s spelling it out for us. We were faxed an “adjustable rate note” rider that was signed by us with our ORIGINAL lender. The Saxon rep. told her that because at the bottom of the doc, it says “multistate adjustable rate note-single family – FREDDIE MAC modified agreement.” So, we could be assured, we were backed by Freddie Mac. Our loan was sold to Saxon approx. 6 mo’s after we closed – so the doc was with the originating lender.

Now, I go to Freddie Mac and they tell us “Thank you for contacting Freddie Mac. Our records indicate that Freddie Mac is not the owner of your mortgage. Please try the following:Contact Fannie Mae at 800-7Fannie to see if they own your mortgage.”

I did contact Fannie Mae also. I got the same response.

Does anyone at Saxon know ANYTHING?”

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  1. i have a mortgage with saxon that justed adjusted to 8.25 (yeah)
    from 9.25 i am trying to do a loan modification.. any tips before i submit it i am not upside down.. i owe app 100,000. and property is worth 135,000. i am just looking to get the intrest rate dropped and fixed any hope? is this mortgage backed by fannie mae should i try to modifiy with them…. looking for any answers to help get this done

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