Saxon claims document is missing, no modification

Submitted as a comment: “I too have been “working with” Saxon on a loan modification for the past four months. Just as everything was in order and they said it was ready to go, they denied it for a missing document. I am now in foreclosure and hoping Legal Aid will be able to help me keep my home. Sign me up also for a class action suit!”

One thought on “Saxon claims document is missing, no modification

  1. i have been working w/ saxon for a modification under ham
    program. i keep getting requests for documentation they
    already have. at the beginning of sept i received another notice for missing paperwork that they already had. that notice also stated that if all paperwork was not submitted by 9/30 then the modication would not happen. i then received another notice today that asked for some completely different paper that do not apply to me (child support, self employment proof). they sent this today when the deadline is next week. they also asked for utility bills and other thngs they could have asked for months ago. are they just messing w/ me? is this all going to be for naught? has anyone gotten a ham modification? let me know.

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