Saxon Mortgage payment mailed, but calls continue

My payment to Saxon Mortgage was mailed three days ago. I still receive at least four phone calls every day from Saxon. I have seven other mortgage payments, all of which were mailed at the same time. None have ever been late, nor will they ever be late.

We have a friday night church meeting and a chamber of Commerce meeting on Monday, where I will once again socialize and voice my opinion of Morgan Stanley and Saxon Mortgage.

If every mortgage servicer or mortgage lender thought of house payments as if they were a debt collector, calling home owners on the second day of the month, the United States would certainly be an ugly place.

All of my house payments are due on the first, and late by the 16th. Maybe I am underestimating the number of foreclosures in America. Perhaps I am underestimating the depth and gravity of the current subprime crisis. Is it just me, or is there something wrong at Saxon Mortgage?