Saxon tells homeowner 1 hour before courthouse sale

VO in Missouri said: “Did Novastar sell the homes to Saxon or are they just playing debt collector? I too have had nothing but trouble with Saxon. I try to modify my loan, so they tell me to get behind to do this. They foreclosed on me. They didn’t send me a certified letter or anything.

My insurance company called me and told me Saxon returned their payment. I called Saxon Mortgage to see what was going on and Saxon told me that at 1 pm my house would be sold at the sheriffs sale. This was an hour before sale time.

I asked them if I could make a payment for what I owed and they said the computers were down and kept putting me on hold. They finally said I could pay at the sale and when I got there the laywer that was doing the auction said that I couldn’t do it. Deutsche Bank bought the loan. Now I have a court date of March 9th for eviction. They offered me cash for keys but will not talk to me about staying in my house. What can I do about this?”