Phone calls from Saxon Mortgage are a security issue

Today is the 4th day of the month, and once again Saxon Mortage is calling to offer Western Union Speedpay. Once again Saxon starts the call with “If you are (redacted) press 1. If (redacted) is there, but needs time to come to the phone, press 2, etc…

What’s wrong with this form of debt collection? Other than the fact that the payment was mailed, and we know we will receive telephone calls until the payment processes? Maybe Saxon should consider security issues, like identity theft.

When Saxon calls a business or work number, it would not take long for the staff to find the homeowner’s social security number. Just press “2” until you find it. Then enter the last four digits of the employee’s social, and you will find out how much they owe on their home.

No harm done, you say? Just a harmless prank? Not hardly.

Saxon Mortgage considers all payments as “past due” after the first day of the month. These harmless pranksters will soon learn, thanks to Saxon Mortgage, that their fellow employee is “past due” on their home mortgage. It is not true, but Saxon says technically it is true.

What are the ramifications? Beyond the obvious obnoxious way in which Saxon Mortgage servicing is performed, Saxon Mortgage customers are more likely to be fired, considered as security risks, and unfairly looked at.

If security clearances or annual financial background checks are involved Saxon Mortage customers might find themselves unemployed, and they will never know why.