SaxonWatch consumer advocates by iPhone

Final programming is almost complete so we can take your complaints about Saxon Mortgage. In fact we can do that today, but we are making other changes.

Those of you with iPhones will be presented with an iPhone version of the website. At the bottom of your screen you can switch back to the original template if you need to.

Please note that we have a dedicated contact form. It is not for sending your complaints, but can be used for everything else. To send your complaints we offer specific features and benefits compared to other “complaint” websites:

• We deal only with complaints about Saxon Mortgage
• We perform trend analysis based on complaints, looking for trends
• We take the time to write to regulators other officials
• Your complaint submission will be a dedicated anonymous article
• Your complaint may help others with similar problems
• We reply to your input – one time only – with help

These are just some of things we are doing to help consumers, as we perform our watchdog responsibilities. We have a new team in place. Soon we will have one-click results for escalating your complaint.