Saxon Mortgage rated “F” by the BBB

Saxon Mortgage has a huge number of complaints against them, and is poorly rated with the Better Business Bureau in Fort Worth Texas. They claim to be a member of the Hope Now Alliance. Yesterday, after President Obama spoke, one news article claimed that Hope Now had not refinanced one mortgage – Zero all together. Don’t let Saxon Mortgage fool you.

Here is the official information regarding Saxon Mortgage and how to contact Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc.

Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc. Phone:
Customer Service
Phone: 800-594-8422
Loss Mitigation
Phone: 888-325-3502
Fax: 888-240-1885

Address: P.O. Box 163405, Fort Worth, TX 76161


What was Morgan Stanley thinking when they bought Saxon? Obviously Morgan Stanley was shopping for an “F” rated subprime company with a huge number of complaints against said company. Saxon Mortgage obviously qualified.

Here is the “F” rating on Saxon so you can see it for yourself. Believe me, they earned it.

In part the BBB says:

Based on the BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory file condition due to a pattern of complaints concerning service issues. Specifically, consumers allege payments were sent on time, but were not applied to their mortgage on a timely basis. Consumers also state their phone calls go unanswered. The company has investigated and claims to have made appropriate changes.

3 thoughts on “Saxon Mortgage rated “F” by the BBB

  1. This company is a joke. I’ve been trying to refinance/modify with them for over a year. It is a joke. They never call you back, fail to mail you required paperwork, lose files, etc.

    They are not helping anyone, especially me and my situation.

    I’m retaining an attorney. That’s the only thing that will work


  2. Saxon Mortgage is not posting payment and are killing me and my family. I had ok credit but now you would think i live in a third world country.

  3. I made a complaint with BBB in TX re: Saxon. It seems to have had some weight with Saxon as they assigned a single worker to my file, this after 1 year of getting the runaround. Thanks to BBB, I am dealing with just one person, and my grim situation looks far better

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