Phone calls from Saxon Mortgage

We are in middle-aged and are like most of you. We aren’t special, don’t own a yacht or and airplane, and we support our community. We pay our bills, make the house payment on time, and know our neighbors. We mow our grass, wash the cars, and enjoy life.

Our house payment is due on the first of the month, and late if paid after the 16th. We write the check, drop it in the mail, and the task of making the house payment is done. We were financed by somebody other than Saxon Mortgage.

Along came Saxon Mortgage and Morgan Stanley, and they bought or somehow acquired our mortgage.

Now, starting on about the third of each month, the phone starts ringing. We are offered the option to pay our house payment by Western Union Speed Pay.

We are told the call is from a debt collector. We are told that we must fax a cease-and-desist letter to Saxon Mortgage Company if we want the calls to stop. We receive up to five calls per day.

Our payment is never late, but Saxon claims that “Technically it is due on the first.” In fact, we have never been late with a house payment in forty years, and will never be late.

Calls from Saxon Mortgage are insulting, annoying, and unprofessional. When I called Morgan Stanley public relations I was told that they would mention my concern to Saxon. It did not help.

When I called Saxon Mortgage they were of no help.

Now I shall exercise my right to free speech, using my skills and my rights under the U.S. Constitution to bring you daily opinion – my opinion – along with news articles, editorials, and specific legal matters that may concern you, your mortgage, and Saxon Mortgage Company.

I asked nicely and was ignored, to which I say “How do you like me now?”