Saxon Fails as mortgage servicer and begins oversight

Earlier we wrote the article “F-rated Saxon Mortgage and calls from 800-594-8422 annoy homeowner” as seen here. Even after talking to Saxon Mortgage and parent company Morgan Stanley, Saxon Mortgage continues to call homeowners, even after the house payment was made. The company claims they are again offering a service. Specifically Saxon is giving the homeowner the ability to pay by Western Union. I’m not sure about Saxon, their attention to detail, or their ability to act like a professional organization as opposed to a predatory mortgage servicer.

Saxon needs a watchdog and homeowners need a consumer advocate. A new website, is ready to give Saxon daily scrutiny which they truly deserve. The new website has published their legal position. Saxon Watch is not associated with Saxon Mortgage in any way.

Saxon Watch will give homeowners the tools necessary to file complaints directly from the website. Included in the Saxon Watch list of tools will be direct links to the OCC, FTC, Justice Department, BBB, elected representatives, the media, and the FBI racketeering tip line, among others.