116 banks, 1 TARP program, and $1.6 Billion paid in bonuses

It is time for a review of where our taxpayer dollar went, aka the TARP program. We don’t even want to discuss Hope Now and other tries at solving a problem with no solution. But, you say, there is a viable solution. Perhaps, but the greed that got us into this must be followed by a second round of greed. After that we might – just maybe – solve the problem. Of the $188 billion paid out by TARP, a corresponding $1.6 billion went to executives of the 116 banks that took money so far.

Is that so unthinkable? My wife claims bankers do not want to solve the problem because they are the problem. Seeking Alpha’s website tells it all, and you won’t be happy. See them here (opens in a new window)