Countrywide – Why is everybody picking on me?

In the YouTube video below you see a Countrywide advertisement that shows people that were turned down elsewhere for home loans. “But Countrywide can” give them the loan they need, according to the advertisement. My point is this – Countrywide was acquired by Bank of America. Now they seem to be an easy target, when you and I know very well that Countrywide is not the only abuser. Check this out, and the articles continues below:

One former employee of HSBC said that HSBC is just as bad, if not worse. That is truly believable, since part of HSBC was acquired from Household International. Decision One, also part of HSBC, was closed altogether. So why is Countrywide the easy target? Or better yet, when will the others get some attention? Our criteria is to start with those already charged with predatory lending, and progress from there.