Barack and John McCain in elementary school

Our presidential wanna-be’s are trying to place blame for the failing economy, mortgage problems, and high cost of living. Late last night these two gave me some real insight into the root of problem. Obama and McCain placed the blame on each other. There you have it. Like two second-graders that could screw up a two person game of musical chairs, now we know where the blame lies. Try finding a valid solution in that. I suggest McCain and Obama should enroll themselves in summer daycare for elementary school students.

Then, like the principal, Ben Bernake stepped in to add some adult supervision of John and Barack. That did not work either, as Big Ben said the Fed would enact new rules to curtail exotic and high-cost loans. It’s about three to five years too late, don’t you think? Back before John and Barack signed up for elementary school would have been the right time. God help America. You can see a fantastic prayer for America and America’s leaders on the Windsor Missouri website.