Bring the Indian and Chinese contractors to the US

Republicans wearing blinders want four more years as they claim the United States has experienced eight years of growth. What’s up with that? Consumer confidence sank to its third-lowest level ever in June, according to a study released Friday by Reuters and the University of Michigan. Democrats look back to a balanced budget of years ago during the Clinton era, but it didn’t help Hillary Clinton. Americans had Bob Barr running for president who claimed to lick whipped cream from two women’s breasts (there are photos.) Ralph Nader is in the race too, but may be unsafe at any speed. Oil prices climb wildly as Americans are afraid of Nigerians and Mumar Gadfly (sic) of Libya. Rebates were a failure. “US consumer spending rose more than forecast in May as tax rebates drove the biggest gain in incomes in almost three years” claimed one article. Reality check for Bush: you gave out $78 billion as of today and consumer confidence is the third lowest ever recorded.

Are we third-world lemmings in training or are we simply holding our collective breath? Whipped cream, Nigerians, speculators, Iranians, and George W. Bush. They are all unsafe at any speed. Perhaps we need a president that will hire Indian and Chinese engineers to create alternative fuel vehicles and more refining capacity. Just look at our space and rocket program. We brought Werner Von Braun to the United States from Germany. What does any of that have to do with the mortgage market? consumer confidence is down because the mortgage market has flattened out. My home and yours now competes with foreclosures as we try to sell. The neighborhood looks bad because Wells Fargo will not pay a contractor to mow the foreclosed grass next door. Curb appeal is gone, and so is my sense of humor.