Debt collection in today’s society

We received a report today that gives some insight into how bad the United States economy is getting. This is a factual report sent to our consumer advocacy organization:

“I have been contacted several times a day for weeks from a NAFS. They did not identify themselves as that in the messages or when I answer the phone. I had to get in argument with the guy to get that much information. He said that I owed over $600 for a credit card I have never had. My husband even talked to him and told him to stop calling because we knew it was a scam.

The NAFS rep asked him what time we got up in the morning cause that is when he was going to start calling! I get credit reports through my credit card company and this debt is not on them. He told my husband that he had good credit and he would keep calling because he pays his bills. It is crazy and I can’t get them to leave me alone. They are rude and it isn’t even true!

He told my husband that he knew we didn’t own vehicles or have a mortgage and we do! He is using my maiden name not my married name and I have been married for 5 years.”

NOTE: NAFS is National Action Financial Services, a collection agency. See more from Household – HSBC Watch.