State contacts FBI and US Attorney on homeowner’s behalf

As proof that one cannot do it alone – without help – we must write about one man’s focus and dedication after he was slighted by his mortgage company. Facing foreclosure in Connecticut this man takes the time to research the law and he keeps us up to date. I’m certain we are not the only ones on his mailing list. The home owner met with the chief state attorney’s office for the state of Connecticut, the Attorney Generals Office, the US Attorney’s Office, OCC, FTC and Senator Dodd’s Office, and the Attorney General’s Office for the State of Florida. Violations were found.

“It is confirmed that my loan violates TILA, RESPA, Title 15 USC, Section 5 and HOPA” the man said. He had his documentation and took the time to schedule appointments. He does not deny that he signed the contract, but he takes exception to the fact that the contract was in violation – a fact that he did not know when he signed the contract. His mortgage is with HSBC. See the full article here.