Mortage help is frustrating as lenders are untrained

Individual mortage companies have reached out to borrowers in an effort to assist them. Were those initial efforts sincere or driven public relations? The reason we ask the question stems from new reports after the Bush administration got involved. It seems that homeowners are not getting information, help, or the same answer twice. “The governor and the president are putting out information, but that definitely hasn’t trickled down to ground zero,” said Ed Smith Jr., vice president of governmental affairs and industry relations for the California Association of Mortgage Brokers.”

“The feedback we get is borrowers go through the voice-mail rigmarole. The first person they talk to generally isn’t someone who is in a position to make a decision. The customers get put into voice-mail hell” said Smith. One article found on Conspiracy Live’s website says little has changed. If the customer has not missed a payment the mortgage company will not talk to them. “They want us to ruin our credit before they agree to speak to us” said one home owner.

Help may be available, at least in theory, but if you do get past the gatekeeper and you actually talk to a representative, there is no guarantee that the person has been educated (trained) in the proper procedure.