Reality TV comes to subprime

We all know how popular reality TV can be. If you want to watch people getting stabbed in the back, raked over the coals, and messed with financially we have a deal for you. We can’t give you video because nobody made the TV show yet. But we can give you an RSS news feed that will bring continual daily updates right to your screen. Try this one.

It dispells rumors about subprime and trailer park loans. One victim has perfect credit. (or shall I say “had” perfect credit?) Victims come in all age groups. Don’t forget 89 year old Madie Wilson – duped, refinanced, and evicted. Want to see a victim with multiple sclerosis? They have that too. How about people in foreclosure? This is not Maury Povich or Jerry Springer. These are real people with real problems. History tells us the more we learn the more we can protect ourselves, and this dose of reality is worth seeing.