Economy Only Good For Those At The Top

Sherrod Brown, a newly elected Democratic senator from Ohio who serves on the banking committee, said, “While the economy is good for people at the top, it’s not so good for a steelworker in Lorain, Ohio, or a small-business owner in Dayton”. Representative Charles Wilson, another newly elected Democrat from Ohio and a member of the financial services panel, said that “people in my district, when they pick up the paper, aren’t checking their stock holdings. They’re checking the help-wanted ads.”

Both of these gentlemen are from Ohio, where Bob Ney made himself famous with his self-serving self-centered desire to override state predatory lending laws. While cavorting with disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, Bob Ney forgot about those who elected him. Except for Abramoff and Ney’s fall from grace these two definitely wanted to see an economy that was good for them at the expense of all others.